NDIV was born because of a need that we detected in the market. While on one hand there is currently a vast number of platforms available for all types of problems, on the other hand the vast majority of these systems are closed and with very limited customization possibilities. And in the case of developing a completely customized system the costs are always quite high.

In spite of this scenario, our motivation has always been to provide our customers with the best solutions that are flexible and tailored to their needs in a serious and rigorous yet affordable way.

We love to analyze and understand our customers businesses so we can create the best solutions with them. We believe that in this manner we add value and that extra factor that can be decisive in a highly competitive world.

Our vision

We have extensive experience in web development, our vision for the future is that increasingly all business and project management will be done through online platforms. But this is only the first step, once management is done through a digital platform, a whole new world of opportunities for process optimization, cost optimization and new customer and partner engagement channels opens up.

If all these reasons were not sufficiently important in their own right, we have that in the near future, and even right now, Artificial Intelligence services (data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, ...) are becoming essential for more and more business areas. Companies having a whole history of data already organized in digital support makes it much easier to use these new services.

Our aim

Our goal is to help all types of companies, businesses and projects make this transition. As we believe that the value is in the difference, our methodology is to build solutions that do not break with the management processes already existing in our customers businesses, but are solutions that allow to organize, optimize and refine.